McKenzie Cervical Rolls

McKenzie Cervical Rolls

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If you suffer from neck pain when lying down, or if your neck is worse when you wake up than it was when you went to bed, you should use an Original McKenzie Cervical Roll while sleeping or resting. 

Placed between your pillow and pillowcase, the Original McKenzie Cervical Roll provides necessary support to the cervical structures and maintains the natural curve of the cervical spine while sleeping on the side or back. 
The Original McKenzie Cervical Roll is a cheaper and more flexible option than the "cervical pillows" found in the shops. These "static" pillows, sometimes made of Tempura or Memory Foam, are not easily adjustable and might not be suitable for the size of your cervical lordosis (the natural hollow in your neck - that should be supported at all times to prevent neck pain). 

Measurements: 510mm (l) x 90mm (diameter)