Microcontroller Diagnostic Muscle Stimulator

Microcontroller Diagnostic Muscle Stimulator

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Microcontroller Diagnostic Muscle Stimulator

  • Galvanic:Pure DC Current up to 100Ma.
  • Interrupted Galvanic:Unipolar DC output at Different Rate and Pulse Width
  • Rate:1,3,50 & 100 pps.
  • Width: 0.01,0.03,0.1,1,0.3,1,3,10,30,100 & 300 milliseconds.
  • Output:0 to120 V.
  • Faradic:Continuous pulse train of 100 pps & width 0.5 milisecond.
  • Surged Faradic:Same out put as Faradic with slow rise sawtooth mode.
  • Rise:0.5 to 3.0 second in six steps.
  • Rest:0 to 9 seconds in 10 steps.

a)Continuous:Frequency variable from 4 to 150 Hz.
b)FM:It automatically generates impulse rates from 4 to 150 Hz.
c)PWM:It automatically generates impulses of variable pulse width from 30 to 300 micro second.
d)Display:Back lite,two line LCD Display.

  • Micro controller based system for optimum accuracy
  • Five different current modes 
  • Back light LCD Display 
  • ABS plastic shock proof cabinet 
  • Special compact design for home visit, clinics & hospital
  • Upgradable software facility

The above mentioned specifications are indicative and may change without any prior intimation.