Tens Unit

Tens Unit

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Tens Unit

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. TENS is a non-invasive, low-risk nerve stimulation intended to reduce pain, both acute and chronic:


  • Micro controller based platform for optimum accuracy
  • Back Light LCD Display    
  • Various modes like Continuous, Burst, FM & PWM    
  • 4 channel to cover larger treatment area at a time with different Intensity control    
  • ABS plastic Shock Proof cabinet     
  • Portable & Light Weight    
  • Upgradable Software Facility
Technical Specifications: 
  • Output channels: 4
  • Mode: a.Continuous : Variable Frequency from 4 to 150 Hz
  • b.Burst variable from 0.5 to 4.5 sec
  • c.Frequency Modulation : It automatically generates impulse from 4 to 150Hz
  • d.Pulse width modulation: It automatically generates impulses of variable pulse width from 30 to 300 microseconds.
  • Intensity: Adjustable from 0 to 120 volts for each channel
  • Wave Shape: Biphasic
  • Main Supply: 230 VAC / 50 Hz